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Wrestling - Upcoming week
by posted 02/10/2020


We will be having the normal practice schedule this week, Monday 6:45-8:30 and Wednesday 6-8 at Weddington HS.

We had three wrestlers go to the Denver Wrestling tournament and they did great. We had a 1st, a 2nd, and a 3rd place. Each wrestler had a bunch of matches and did a great job wrestling with the fundementals and being discipline. I was very proud of the way they wrestled with "PRIDE" this weekend.

We also had one wrestler go to the USA Wrestling Elementary State Championships and took 4th place. He did an amazing job in a very tough tournament.

This weekend we will be going to the NCWAY 2020 Rookie State Championships in Angier, NC. The wrestling tournament is on Sunday and you can register on track wrestling. The event flyer is not out yet but it should be out soon for more details regarding weigh-in times and other info. It is a little drive so I plan on going up the night before.

Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns.


Coach Jason


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Tournament this weekend
by posted 02/04/2020


We will be attending the 10th Annual Panther Wrestling Tournament this weekend. The tournament will be located at North Lincoln Middle School 1503 Amity Church Denver, NC 28037. Weigh-ins are 7-8 am and wrestling should start at 9:00 am. This is a Open tournament but hopefully most of the extreme competition will be going to the USA wrestling elementary championships in Concord.

You can register for at and if you register before midnight tonight (Tuesday) it is $15.00.

We will also have practice Wendnesday from 6-8 at Weddington HS Aux gym. I will not be able to make but we will have enough coaches to have practice. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions/concerns,

Coach Jason


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Wrestling- Weekend update
by posted 01/16/2020


Previously I stated that I will be at the Open tournament on Saturday. I have decided to go to the Rookie Tournament on Sunday because we will not have any coaches at the Rookie Tournament.  The tournament only has four mats so I think we will be ok considering I will be the only coach there. I might have to recruit some parents to help out!

Weigh Ins are at 9:30 and we will warm-up around 10:30. Wrestling should start around 11:30. Registration closes at 10:00 am on Saturday so please sign up as soon as possible if your wrestler is going. The tournament location is at Bandys High School 5040E Bandys Cross Rd., Catawba, NC 28609. Sign up at

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me,

Coach Jason


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Wrestling-Upcoming Week
by posted 01/13/2020


We had 10 wrestlers go to the Southern Championships this past weekend. They had some very good wrestling clubs and the kids were able to wrestle some great wrestlers. Even with the tough competition we had 3 first places, 2 second places, and a third place. The coaches were very proud on the way the kids wrestled with "PRIDE".

This week we will have practice Monday 6:45-8:30 and Wednesday 6-8 at Weddington Aux gym. I will not be able to make it tonight for practice but we will have enough coaches at practice.

This weekend we will have the two Trojan tournaments at Bandys High School in Catawba, NC. The Open tournament will be on Saturday and the Rookie tournament will be on Sunday. I will be at the open on Saturday and we will have other coaches there for Sunday. Sunday's Rookie tournament will be good for all wrestlers to gain experience and get some mat time with wrestlers of their wrestling level. You will need a AAU card and you can sign up for the tournament at

Please contact me if you have any question and/or concerns,

Coach Jason


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Wrestling upcoming week
by posted 01/06/2020


We are back to our regular practice schedule this week Monday 6:45-8:30 and Wednesday 6:00-8:00.


We had a great turnout for the Indianland Rookie Tournament. We had 5 kids take First place, 5 kids take second place, and 2 kids take third place. All wrestlers that attended did an excellent job incorporating the skills that we have taught them. We have another tournament this weekend At Crown Arena  in Fayetteville NC called the Southern Championships. I know this will be a far distance for a tournament But again a great opportunity to gain experience on the mat. This tournament will be both Rookie and Open. You can sign up at and you will need your AAU card also. Details for this tournament will be available on 

See everyone  tonight,

Coach Jason

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Weekend Tournament
by posted 12/31/2019


  Hope everyone is having a relaxing Holiday Season and a  Happy New Years Eve.

This weekend the team will be participating in the Indianland Rookie Tournament on Sunday January 5th. This is a NUWay tournament so you will need to have a NUWay card. If you did the first Buford tournament you should have a NUWay card. If you don't have a NUWay card you can Register at To sign up for the tournament you will have to sign up at Search by state (South Carolina), afterwards you're will find multiple Indianland tournaments so make sure you register for the Rookie one on Sunday January 5th. Please sign them up for the appropriate weight and age group. Weigh-ins are from 7am-8am Sunday morning And please make sure their nails are clipped. Again this is a Rookie tournament and will be beneficial for your child to receive more mat time and experience.  We have been off for a while so we will be on the mats after weigh-ins to warm up and wrestle around a little before the tournament.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions,

Coach Jason


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Upcoming Week
by posted 12/15/2019


We had few do the tournament on Saturday and it was great experience for the kids. We had three wrestlers finish third and one forth, out of the 9 that went. With the competition of an Open tournament I think that is pretty good. Every wrestler did an great job and wrestled with PRIDE. Let us all remind the boys that we have Wins and Lessons. It doesn't matter if we win and if we don't win what do we have to do to help change that. Coach Buck and myself were very proud of them this weekend.

This upcoming week we will have practice Monday 6:45-8:30 and Wednesday 6-8. I will not be at either practices because I will be traveling for work but we will have enough coaches there. 

After this week we will be off for two weeks and the next time we will meet up is the Indianland Rookie Tournament on Jan. 5th. It is a close by tournamnet and I think it would be a great tournament for all wrestlers to do. They will have a Saturday tournament also for Open wrestlers. I will send out more details the week of but you will need your NUway card to wrestle in that tournament. You will also sign up for the tournament on

Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns,

Coach Jason


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Wrestling-Upcoming week
by posted 12/01/2019


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break. There has been a change to the practice schedule this week. We WILL NOT have practice tomorrow Monday due to high school basketball games that are scheduled during our practice time. For this week only practice will be rescheduled for Tuesday from 6-8 and we will practice our normal Wednesday practice from 6-8. 

We will have a rookie tournament Sunday, December 8th at Cannon School in Concord, NC. The weigh ins are honor system based. The Wrestling Tournament will start at 2pm but plan on having your wrestler there by 1pm to warm up with the team. You can sign your wrestler up at under Cougar Classic Rookie. You will need your AAU card starting with this tournament. You can get your AAU card at under registration. If you register for the tournament before Tuesday it is $15.00. After that it'll be $20.00. Registration closes at Noon on Saturday, December 7th. This Rookie Tournament will not be your typical tournament. The main purpose of these types of tournaments is to give your wrestler exposure and experience by getting as many matches as possible for your rookie wrestler. 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call/text/email,

Coach Jason Sponsel



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Buford Tournament-Wrestling
by posted 11/22/2019


If your wrestler is wrestling this weekend in the tournament registration is now closed but you can register at the door. You will still need to get NUway card to wrestle in the tournament. The tournament is at Buford HS and it is about 30-35 minutes from Weddington HS. The weigh-ins are from 7-8 and wrestling will start at 9. After weigh-ins we warm-up on the mat around 8:15. During that time we can answer questions the kids might have and explain to them how tournament works. I will talk to all the new parents at the tournament and explain track wrestling and how it works. We like to sit together as a team so please look for the other WCWAA families and try to get an area together. Our wrestlers are in elementary school and we like them to do good and win but having fun with the sport and getting the experience from the tournment is the most important thing. This year we have wins and lessons, if we don't win what did we learn so that we can improve to win. I hope taking the losing out at this age will help reduce the pressure of winning and let the kids enjoy the sport, get experience, and have fun. Please call me, text me, or email if you have any questions/concerns.


Coach Jason


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Wrestling- Upcoming week
by posted 11/18/2019


I hope everybody stayed warm this weekend. We had a soccer tournament in Raleigh this weekend and it was a little cold and windy. We have practice this week Monday 6:45-8:30 and Wednesday 6-8 at Weddington HS Aux gym. We will start warming up right at the start of practice times, we have a lot to cover this week. The team did excellent in their first scrimmage last week. A lot of the kids did a lot better then the coaches excepted for their first matches. We have identified a lot of areas that we need to work on and we will be addressing them this week.

Our first tournament is this weekend in Buford, SC nest to Lancaster. I signed me kids up last night. The tournament has a Rookie, Open, and Girls Divisions. It is a great opportunity for the kids to get some early year experience before the AAU tournaments start. The tournaments are 100% optional and if you feel that your child is not ready it is ok for them not to go. If you do decide to do the tournament this weekend you will need to get a NUway card and register you child on for the tournament.

To get your Nuway card you will need to do the following. Go to >you will see login, under the login is register here, click register here > follow the registration process. When they ask for the club put "unaffiliated". After you have completed the process you will have a Nuway card with a ID number, you will need that number when you sign you wrestler up in track wrestling for the tournament. We plan on doing a few NUway tournaments this year so the purchase of the card will not go to waste.

After you have your NUway card you can register you wrestler in track wrestling for the tournament. Go to > then go to the events tab > click the functions tab in the top center of the screen> click search events> select the State as South Carolina then hit search> you will then see Buford Stingers shootout, click it > a window will pop up and hit the tab to enter event> on the event page you will click registration. Follow the registration process for you wrestler. We will use our wrestling club for this registration "WCWAA", it will make it easier for the coaches at the event if everybody puts their kid under WCWAA and you get a discount. Please put your wrestler in the proper division most will be Rookie and it will also ask for what weight. Please make sure that the weight is correct and they can make the weight the day of the tournament.

I know it sounds like a lot but it it gets easier after you do it once. Once you get your AAU and NUway cards you will not have to do that again for the rest of the year. Always feel free to call, text, or email if you have any questions. I can help you after practice if you have questions.


Coach Jason


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by posted 11/11/2019


I hope everyone has had a great weekend. We will not have practice tonight because of Veteran's Day. Again, Thank you for all that have served!

We will have a scrimmage with Parkwood Wednesday. I have completed the match schedule and everybody will have a match either with a Parkwood wrestler or with one of our WCWAA wrestlers. The matches will be 1 minute periods with no points being counted. If a wrestler is pinned they will start the match over again. The purpose of this scrimmage is to show the kids what a wrestling match looks like and be able to teach them as they wrestle. We will work with all wrestlers on positions and other basics of wrestling. This will be good for the young wrestlers so they can see what wrestling is all about and start to understand why we are doing certain drills at practice.

The Team managers and I will be at Weddingtion HS at 5:30 to hand out the singlets, t-shirts, and shorts. If you can make it early it will help when things start to get busy. Your wrestler is more than welcome to change and wear them during the scrimmage. They can also wear a T-shirt and shorts. We will need them to wear headgear and wrestling shoes at the event.

If you can't make it please let me know so I can adjust the match schedule. I have matched the wrestlers with their experience levels and weights. If time permits we will try to get more matches then what I have scheduled.

We also have a team page on the WCWAA website. You can find it by going to the Team tab>choose a team>Winter2019>Wrestling>Wrestling. The team page will have all old emails, the schedule, roster, and other information items on the page.

Please let me know if you have any questions and/or concerns,

Coach Jason


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Welcome to Wrestling
by posted 11/11/2019

Dear Parents,

      Thanks for putting your children in the wrestling program this year. Practice will be starting Monday October 28th at Weddington High School Aux Gym at 6:45 PM to 8:30 PM Mondays and 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Wednesdays. Your Wrestler will need headgear and wrestling shoes. You can find both items at most local sports stores. I have found the Academy sports in SC is the most reasonable for pricing. There are many options online also. If your Wrestler doesn't have the required gear the first week it will be ok but it will be enforced in the future. We will be participating in many AAU tournaments, SC tournaments, and other local scrimmages this year. They are always optional for your child to participate but it is encouraged for them to attend as many as possible. We believe the more mat time the wrestler gets the more comfortable they will become with the sport and gain key match experience to help them grow with the sport. North Carolina has done an outstanding job with the young wrestler ranks, the have created two divisions over the years. One being Rookie Division (1-2 Year experience) and the other Open Division (kids that have some more experience). The Rookie tournaments are a great way for the young wrestler to get to wrestle in tournaments without getting discouraged by the more experienced wrestler. For the local scrimmages, we will try and have some meets with local teams at which most kids will get 4-6 matches during the meets. If you have any questions during the season please reach out to myself or one of the coaches and we will be more than willing to help in whatever way possible.

      The coaching staffs #1 priority is the wrestlers Health and Safety. That is why we will enforce the use of headgear and wrestling shoes. Please don't have your child wear the wrestling to and from wrestling practice, have them wear a different pair of shoes (crocs or slides) to practice then change into the shoes when at practice. This will help keep the mats clean. Second, after practices and events have your children bathe with anti-bacterial soap and wash their hair good. Third, we will be cleaning the mats before every practice to ensure our wrestlers are wrestling on clean mats. Fourth, we will not have excessive horse play at practice which kids could hurt other kids. We do have coaches around but as a parent please stop anything that you see outside or around the practice and let one of the coaches know. Last, we will never have your child wrestle a match that we feel your child could get hurt. I or any other coach will stop a match if we feel that your child is at risk to injury or could do him harm.

       The wrestle schedule is a little more robust this year. We will be having Local meets with teams and participating in 5-7 AAU tournaments in the Charlotte area. Your child doesn't have to participate in all of the events put he is more than welcome to participate in whatever ones you feel needed. Most of the tournaments will be Rookie Tournaments. We will be attending the Open tournaments this season since we have some more experience wrestlers. Since we are participating in AAU tournaments you we need to go to the AAU website and sign your wrestler up in AAU and get a AAU wrestling card. I will be posting the tournament schedule to the team schedule of the WCWAA Wrestling team website but I will put the dates below so you can plan what events your wrestler would like to participate in. We will also have a Winter break from Dec. 21- Jan. 2 where no practices will be held. There is a tournament in Mocksville on Dec. 21st but I will not be attending. I put it on the schedule in case some other coaches might want to attend and open it up for the team to attend. We hope to fill the middle of February with local meets and possibly a NUway tournament. We will see as the season goes on and what track wrestling will have to offer. Track Wrestling is the website that most tournaments use to register and facilitate the tournaments.

OCT 28TH-                    PRACTICE STARTS

NOV 13th-                    Parkwood Scrimmage at Weddington High School

NOV 23RD-                   BUFORD, SC

NOV 30TH-                    NATION FORD, SC OR PARKWOOD


DEC 14TH-                    TROJAN WRESTLING CLUB


JAN 4TH-                       DENVER DRAGONS

JAN 11TH-                     SOUTHERN CHAMPIONSHIP




FEB 8TH & 9TH-              TBD

FEB 15TH & 16TH-         TBD

FEB 22ND & 23RD-         TBD

FEB 29TH-                     TROJAN WRESTLING CLUB




*There might be changes to the schedule in the future but I will keep everybody informed.


I would also like to introduce the following coaches, thank you for volunteering.










We have had two individuals volunteer to be Team Managers this year and the coaching staff is very excited to have them aboard. They will be able to handle questions on logistics, roster information, tournament details, and everything else that makes the team run smooth. We really appreciate the help in this department.





       Last, we will have singlets, shorts, and shirts for the kids this season. We have received the singlets and I have ordered the shirts and shorts which should be in shortly. Please feel free at any time to contact me if you have any questions and/or concerns with your wrestler or the program.

Thanks again for having your children in the program and can't wait for the season to start.

Coach Jason Sponsel


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The Fundamentals of Wrestling
by posted 11/11/2019

The Fundamentals of Wrestling

Your success in wrestling is a direct result of your expertise in the fundamentals. After you master the following basic aspects of the sport, you can build on them to expand your wrestling repertoire:

  • Stance: Your body position and posture on the mat; can be parallel or staggered
  • Penetration step: The first offensive movement that puts you in a position to score
  • Level change: The act of raising and lowering your hips to set up or execute an attack or to counter the moves of your opponent
  • Neutral position: The starting position in which you stand face to face and with your shoulders square to your opponent in the wrestling area
  • Referee’s position: The starting position in which one wrestler is in the top position and the other is on the bottom
  • Takedown: A move during which you take your opponent down to the mat and gain control from the neutral position
  • Reversal: A move during which you quickly turn the tables and go from being in a position of defense to being in a position of control as the offensive wrestler
  • Escape: A move you use from the bottom of the referee’s position to escape, or get away from your opponent
  • Breakdown: A move you use when you’re in the top of the referee’s position to try to get your opponent off balance and down to the mat
  • Finish: The act of pinning your opponent with special techniques that lead to a fall, meaning that the back of your opponent’s shoulders are on the mat for at least two seconds

How a Wrestling Match Is Scored

The objective in a wrestling match is to beat your opponent. If a pin occurs, the match is over and whoever scored the pin wins. But if neither wrestler scores a pin, the score at the end of three two-minute periods determines the winner. You earn points for the different moves you successfully execute during a match, and your opponent earns points for any infractions you commit:

  • Pin or fall: Victory; end of match
  • Takedown: 2 points
  • Escape: 1 point
  • Reversal: 2 points
  • Near fall: 2 points if you hold your opponent for two seconds; 3 points if you hold your opponent for five seconds or more
  • Illegal hold: 1 point for your opponent
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct: 1 point for your opponent
  • Unnecessary roughness: 1 point for your opponent
  • Stalling: 1 point for your opponent after you receive one warning; disqualification on the fifth stalling violation


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