To provide safe and fun athletic opportunities for youth team sports in a competitive and instructional environment

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Frequently Asked Basketball Questions  

How much does it cost?

           2018-2019 Season
Instructional League :  $150
Recreational League:   $225
Elite League: TBD


Can I get a refund after signing up? 

If your player is trying out for Middle School or High School teams, go ahead and register, but do not pay until team announcements have been made.


Where are the sign - ups?

All sign-ups are online.
Go to the REGISTER ONLINE tab from the home page located on the left.

If you know of someone who wants to register but does not have online access,
phone the age group commissioner.  

What are the leagues and divisions of play?

We offer an Instructional League, a Recreational League and an Elite League.  
The Instructional League is primarily for 6 & 7 year olds, or 1st and 2nd graders. 
For the Recreational League, we offer divisions based on grade, starting with 3rd grade through high school.  For our High School league since this is a Recreation league, players who make their high school team (JV or Varsity) are ineligible.
The Elite League offers tryouts for 4th through 8th grade teams. 

What is the format of the Instructional League?

The Instructional League (1st & 2nd graders; ages 6 & 7) will get together once each week on Saturday, beginning in December.  Sessions will be held at a local school gym in western Union County.  8-foot goals and 27.5 inch basketballs will be used.  The focus of the Instructional League will be on basic skill development.  Each session is one hour long.  The overall time frame is from 9 am to noon.  

 The first couple of weeks will be skills ONLY and then we will progress to adding different games at the end of practices; ball handling relays, knock out, 3 on 3 and eventually 5 on 5 by the end of the season.  The season will run through February.  Parents will be called/emailed in early December with time and location of the first session.  This league offers a great introduction to the skills of basketball!

What exactly is the Elite League?

The Elite League is a league designed for more highly skilled and serious players.  Players must participate in a real "try out" to be selected for one of the elite teams.   Not every player will be chosen.  Depending on the talent and interest level, one or more teams will be formed at each age group, from 4th through 8th grades.  The elite teams play at Carolina Courts on Sundays. 

A player has to play in the Recreational league to be able to participate in the Elite league.

Each league has a separate sign-up on the registration page.

When and where are the practices and games?

For the Recreational league, practices will be held once each week beginning late October or early November. 

Practices will be held at various western Union county elementary schools.  We CANNOT guarantee which school or on which night your child will practice. That will be determined by the coach of each team and on gym availability.

 will be played throughout the day on Saturday and possibly Sunday afternoons.  In most cases, each team plays only one game each week.  Most games will be played at Weddington & Marvin Ridge High Schools.  Alternate locations include: Weddington & Marvin Ridge Middle Schools and Carolina Courts. 

The regular season goes until February. 

 What is the format of the Girls League?

The girls league is broken up by divisions.  8U, 10U and 13U.  Age must be 8, 10 or 13 by 8/31/16



Can I choose the team or COACH my child plays for?

 For grades 3 through 8, the answer is NO.  
Teams are chosen through a draft following evaluations. 
The commissioner by age group reserves the right to change teams during the season to keep the teams in the league balanced.

However, for Grades 7 and 8 (boys only), teams will also be grouped by grade and school. As an example, if your son goes to Marvin Ridge Middle school then he will be on a team with fellow 6th grade Marvin Ridge Middle school students.

For High School grades, yes, you can form your own team.
High School students have the choice of getting 7 friends together and forming your their team. If not, we will place you on a team.  There is a 9th/10th League and an 11th/12th League. 

How many players are on a team?

Usually 7, no more than 8. 
Sometimes in the senior boys and girls divisions, it is necessary to have more players if we only have 2 or 3 teams. 


With a limited registration, how can I be sure my child is placed on a team?

There are 3 ways.  1) Coach a team.  2) Sign-up early  3) Sponsor a team

 There may be limited space in some of the age groups.  After a league is full, signups will continue; however, a waiting list will be be created based on the date/time you sign up.  It’s first-come, first-served.  

 When are evaluations?

Evaluations are either the 3rd or 4th Saturday in October, depending on the calendar. 
An evaluation schedule will be posted to the website. 

How competitive is the Recreational league?

The Elite League was created to offer a very competitive game for those seeking it.  The Recreational League is for players of all skill levels.  Our intent is for everyone to learn the game of basketball and have the opportunity to play in games.  There are playing time rules for each age division.  See "Rules" on the main basketball page.  The use of the draft also helps to evenly distribute the talent level fairly across teams, resulting in balanced games.