To provide safe and fun athletic opportunities for youth team sports in a competitive and instructional environment

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WCWAA Little League Divisions

All of the ages discussed below are based on the player’s “baseball age” as defined by Little League International.  This is their age on August 31 of the spring season.  There are a number of situations where you can decide between two divisions.  In these situations, we allow you to decide what is best for your child.  We will offer guidance or suggestions but ultimately the parent makes the decision.

No player will be eligible for play until a parent has signed the Code of Ethics Form with his or her registration. (See our website for a copy of the Code of Ethics).

WCWAA will provide each player with a uniform hat and uniform shirt.  At a minimum, each player should purchase their own glove and gray baseball pants.


The typical schedule includes two events each week - on e weekday practice or game and a Saturday game. The weekday start times tend to be around 6PM and we do our best to get the kids off the field at a reasonable hour.

If you have specific questions about the division that your child is in please contact the division commissioner.  All of the commissioners are listed on our Little League Contacts page.

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This is our in-season tournament program and is intended for the most advanced players in each age group.  Only players registered for the regular season (Spring) are eligible for the Tournament program.  There will be a tryout to fill the spots on these teams  anyone who does not attend the tryout will not be considered for the team.

The goal is to play five tournaments being a combination of one and two day tournaments.   Practices will be on Friday and Sunday only.  While we make every effort to avoid conflicts, regular season events take precedence over corresponding Tournament events.

Tee Ball

The primary age for players in the Tee Ball Division is Baseball Age 4 and 5.

The purpose of the Tee Ball Division is to provide an enjoyable, introductory experience to the game of baseball.  Fundamentals of hitting, throwing, and fielding are taught and the rules of the game are introduced.  Batters hit off a stationary tee. There will be no overhand pitching to players. There are no strikeouts. Everyone on the team is in the batting rotation throughout the entire game. All players will bat in every inning, regardless of the number of outs made or runs scored.  Tee Ball games last approximately 1 hour each.

Please keep in mind Tee ball is intended to teach the fundamentals of baseball, the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship. These criteria should at the forefront of any decisions made regarding this level of play.


Our Rookie (or “Coach Pitch”) division is comprised of Baseball Age 5 and 6 year olds.


Working on the premise that Tee Ball developed basic swing techniques and fielding fundamentals, this league will focus on making sure a player is comfortable in the batter’s box and will have 5 attempts to hit a pitched ball from the Coach.

The players are introduced to the skill set of a ball leaving a pitcher’s hand; more developed base-running, situational plays, etc.  Games will be 1 hour & 15 minutes. Focus is learning the fundamentals of the game. 

Intermediate Machine Pitch

Intermediate Machine Pitch will be comprised of Baseball Age 6 and 7 year olds and will be a machine-pitch format. 

Note: One season of Rookie League at WCWAA or equivalent will be a pre-requisite for 6 year old eligibility in the Intermediate Machine Pitch division.


Working on the premise that Rookie League developed basic swing techniques and fielding fundamentals, this league will focus on making sure a player is comfortable in the batter’s box with a consistent pitch and/or has the opportunity to experience several different positions of play while on defense.  We feel this will be easier to accomplish with players participating among players of similar age and skill.  As is the case with Rookie League, practices should be a priority over games.
The pitching machine will be set on 7 which translates to approximately 40 mph.

Advanced Machine Pitch

Advanced Machine Pitch will be comprised of Baseball Age 8 year olds and follow a similar format to our Intermediate Machine Pitch program.  The pitching machine will be set on 8 which translates to approximately 45 mph.


The Minors Division will be comprised of Baseball Age 9 and 10 year olds broken into age-specific divisions - the 9s will play together and the 10s will play together.


The Minors Division is a competitive league with player pitchers. It provides the first opportunity for players to participate in a league requiring more advanced baseball skills (i.e., kid’s pitching, stealing bases) with rules similar to those in the Majors Division. 

Pitch Counts will be enforced per the Little League guidelines.


The Majors program will be comprised of Baseball Age 11 and 12 year olds. Players play on a 50/70 (50 feet from the mound to home plate and 70 foot bases) division. 


The All-Star selection process will be from within the division only – there will be no crossover for all-star play as Little League International mandates that a player participate in at least 12 regular season games in that division to be eligible for summer all-star play.


Pitch Counts will be enforced per the Little League guidelines.


Babe Ruth 13-18 year old Baseball

This league plays on a full regulation baseball field 60/90 (60ft from mound to plate and 90ft base paths.  This is WCWAA level baseball and a great alternative to expensive travel programs.  Teams play other WCWAA teams as well as teams from around Union County.