To provide safe and fun athletic opportunities for youth team sports in a competitive and instructional environment

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2019 Take On Sports Board of Directors


*Please Note:  For information regarding Take On Sports, please send an email to  .  It will be sent to the TOS Communications Director.  You will receive a response in 1-2 business days.  For information regarding an individual sports league, please contact the Sports Commissioner below.


President:  Steve Latham

Vice President:  Vacant

Secretary:  Vacant

Treasurer:  Sheri Geraghty

Communications Director:  Jennifer Johnson

Uniform Coordinator:  Meredith Starling

Sponsorship Coordinator:  Vacant

Activities Committee:  Scott & Stephanie Poludniak

Outreach Committee:  Rene Katkowski


Sports Commissioners:

Baseball:  Steve Gustina,  email:

Basketball:  Michelle Scheuerman, email:

Bowling:  Erin Pacilli, email: 

Fitness:  Scott & Stephanie Poludniak, email: 

Football:  Tom Geraghty, email: 

Soccer:  Chris Martin, email: